Traditionally domesticated livestock was the only form of income on Karoo farms, game animals had very little value, however in recent times since the value of game animals has increased, due to eco-tourism and hunting, domesticated livestock have had to make space for game animals.
Most farms in the Karoo heartland have restrictive 1.2m high boundary fences, which have limited the movement of certain game species including Springbok and other antelope. Our breeding camp has a 2.4m high fence.

We have re-introduced springbok from the Kgalagadi area near Askham to improve the genetic diversity of the springbok herds. Other antelope species that we have are buffalo, duiker, gemsbok, kudu and steenbok. The predators that we face are mainly caracal and black-backed jackals which prey mainly on springbok and smaller antelope. We also have the cape fox, bat-eared fox and aardwolf which do not prey on the antelope or domestic livestock, but mainly on insects.

We are very fortunate to have a martial eagle nest in our game camp and is frequently seen on game drives.

We aim to consistently improve the genetic make-up of our game gene-pool to have good, healthy and well adapted animals in order to survive and thrive in our Karoo environment.